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Exciting Opportunity as the New Year Begins!

Throughout most of my life, no matter what I did, I was restless! The door to peace was all around me, but I was too proud to enter. My marriage was frayed and most of my action was reaction. One evening during the confusion, at a Dynamic Catholic event, I accepted keynote speaker Matthew Kelly's challenge to invite God into my life and enter into the "classroom of silence," putting away my phone, dousing distractions, and making room to hear God. Matthew invited the audience to pray a prayer of transformation. I remember thinking, What have I got to lose?

Today, I consider this profound prayer to be a cornerstone of my spiritual journey:

Loving Father,

Here I am.

I trust that You have an incredible plan for me.

Transform me.

Transform my life.

Everything is on the table.

Take what You want and give what You want to give.

Transform me in to the person You created me to be, so I can live the life You envision for me.

I hold nothing back; I am 100 percent available.

How can I help?


This prayer is included in Mass Confusion: Why I Rejected The Church For So Long And What Changed. I’ve heard from many readers that this prayer is a part of their daily morning quiet time. I invite you to incorporate it too.

In his book Rediscover Jesus, Matthew Kelly wrote about this prayer of transformation: “If you want to see miracles, pray that prayer. If you want to see and experience miracles in your own life, pray a wholehearted prayer of transformation. That’s a prayer God will answer. God always answers a prayer of transformation. Never once in the history of the world has God not answered a sincere prayer of transformation.”

As a new year begins, what have you got to lose?

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