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When I returned to the Church, I was overwhelmed by what I didn’t know. Initially, I could not relate to brilliant theologians and biblical scholars because listening to them was like trying to comprehend a foreign language. Below is a sample of resources that have helped me deepen my understanding of Catholicism while on my continuing spiritual journey.

Websites & Digital Media


  • “The Bible in a Year” podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz,  featuring Jeff Cavins. Link

  • "The Catechism in a Year" podcast with Fr. Mike Schmitz. Link

  • Bishop Robert Barron Media Ministry. The wide-ranging ministry of Bishop Barron—whose Catholicism series is credited with countless conversions and bringing many fallen-away Catholics back to their faith—includes the following resources. Link

  • Word on Fire Catholic Ministries. Daily online messages, including short commentaries on daily readings/Gospels. Link

  • Word on Fire YouTube channel. Teaching videos on the intersection of faith and culture. Link 

  • Word on Fire Institute. Word on Fire films, study programs, and other digital resources. Link

  • Center for Action and Contemplation. Daily messages from Fr. Richard Rohr. Link

  • Center for Christogenesis. A spiritual organization bridging faith, science, culture, and community. Link

  • “Decision Point.” A Dynamic Catholic study course created for confirmation students that helped me quickly rediscover the basics of my faith. Though not a teen by any means, I found the clear language helpful as I ramped up my faith. Link

  • Dynamic Catholic. Link 

  • The Great Adventure Bible Study with Jeff Cavins, Ascension Press. This is a great “big picture” introduction to the Bible. Link

  • The Journey Home with Marcus Grodi. Features first-person videotaped stories about people returning to/joining the Catholic Church. Link

  • Real Life Catholic. Offers a bounty of inspirational videos, including my favorite, “The Search,” a riveting exploration of life’s true meaning. Link 

  • Ron Rolheiser, OMI. Includes an inspirational message library composed of many years’ worth of column archives. Link

  • The Chosen. A multi-season narrative series about the life of Jesus. View episodes for free in The Chosen app and watch the Bible come alive. Link


  • John Bartunek, The Better Part: A Christ-Centered Resource for Personal Prayer, Ministry 23, LLC, 2014

  • Lee Strobel, The Case for Christ, Zondervan, 2016. 

  • Allen Hunt, Confessions of a Mega-Church Pastor, Beacon Publishing, 2010.

  • Allen Hunt, Everybody Needs to Forgive Somebody, Beacon Publishing, 2016.

  • Rod Bennett, Four Witnesses, Ignatius Press, 2002.

  • Jeff Cavins, Mary Healy, and Andrew Swafford, The Great Adventure Catholic Bible, Ascension Press, 2018. 

  • Matthew Kelly, I Heard God Laugh, Blue Sparrow, 2020.

  • Peter Kreeft, Jesus Shock, Beacon Publishing, 2008. 

  • Robert Barron, Letter to a Suffering Church, Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, 2019.

  • Kakadu, LLC, Mass Journal, Beacon Publishing, 2010.

  • Matthew Kelly, Rediscover Catholicism, Blue Sparrow, 2014. 

  • Matthew Kelly, Rediscover Jesus, Beacon Publishing, 2015. 

  • Matthew Kelly, Rediscover the Saints, Blue Sparrow, 2019.

  • Richard Rohr, The Universal Christ: How a Forgotten Reality Can Change Everything We See, Hope For, and Believe, Convergent Books, 2019. 

  • Lisa Brenninkmeyer, Walking with Purpose: Seven Priorities that Make Life Work, Beacon Publishing, 2013.

  • The Word on Fire Bible by Word on Fire Catholic Ministries, 2020.

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